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About nana / naiya 5teen queer filo infp she/they 0913 luvs txt ♡, penguins :3 friends music, art, animanga, dramas, sunsets, romance, minecraft & roblox !! rnb, stickers, stuffies mmch gc bread, deco, skincare, makeup, when i fly towards you, business proposal, 20th cntry girl, silly roblox horror games and simulatiorsr.s... haikyuu, animanga, i looove hoirmiya sm, genshin, nostalgiayuck txt antis :sweats:, milk.., grape flavoured things omg, horror movies, the cold, BUGS.., spiders oeuahg, robloxians ........socials pin spotify roblox insta

byi hyperfx on txt, can't type, rambles out of nowhere, i rarely dm first, slow reps, i use ':3' a lot, kms jokes, overly affectionate, on & off energy, use nicknames if close, dms open, i do vc im a bit loud.. i get dry really fast xox if i dont like yew i might just not reply whatsoever or become the driyestest person ever, i get uncomfy really easily and i will not tell u dni basic dni criteria anti txt (-12 / 20+) unless i interacted first, dry texter or can't match my energy, if u cant apologize, causes arguements for no reason, nothing in common, makes weird sexual jokes ur embarassing, if u type in full grammar quite literally pls dont text me ever again, if u dont include people scratches head.. mlm/wlw fetishisizeerssss ur weird, if u think anime is cringe xox

main txt ot5, nwjns ot5, aespa, svt, boynextdooron repeat wave2earth, lamp, joji, dhruv, dvwn, laufey, ichiko aoba, bruno major, bruno mars, mitski, sserafim, enha, bp, bts, nct, keshi, weeknd, etc. find the spotify noa ♡, kins, miltu, julie, kye, mmch + alpha gc, esmi, ollie, kota, livia, ary, elizabeth, rios, sora, three muskaqueer gc, nino, fefe, anyone in my roblox or mc friends, everyone else i heart u xoxanimangas x dramas horimiya, haikyuu, 20th cntry girl, business proposal, my demon, mha..., our beloved summer, wonder egg priority, atypical family, wifty, spy x family, dr, ghibli, theres sm more might make a carrd for that